How Do Condenser Dryers Compare to Vented Dryers?

Condenser dryers belong to the family of clothes dryer. To the untrained eye, they look exactly just like a conventional home vented dryer to most consumers. Interestingly, despite condenser dryers having been around for a while, seems like a lot of consumers are either not aware of their existence yet, or simply ignorant about their benefits and therefore choose to stick with what is familiar to them - vented dryers.

For a start, unless someone is allergic to electrical clothes drying appliances, a condenser drying machine looks exactly the same as any other dryers, which is rectangular. And they also come in the form of tumble dryers, and in different makes and models, and in as many colors as any home dryers. To the uninitiated, the above description should at least help you open the door to considering one over a vented one. There are strong reasons why.

Condenser dryers offer many functions, as opposed to vented dryers or traditional dryers. One of their most beneficial features is that a condenser dryer usually comes with a programmable drying function instead of the usual timed drying function found in dryers. What this means to a consumer is that the machine is able to 'know' when the laundry is dry and ready, and therefore stops further drying, instead of continuing 'frying' the clothes as in timed drying. This will save a lot of our clothes and increase our clothing lifespan. We all know that over drying is one sure way of shortening our favourite shirts and dresses lifespan. A midst a host of many other functions, I am sure this is one the best benefits a condenser dryer has to offer. Not only will it save our clothing, it helps frees up our time, and minds, off from getting back to check on laundry, and do other things. Since they are "smart" machines, this usually translates into utility bills savings to us as it cuts down the power needed in timed dryer during the 'over-drying' period.

If the above is not yet a strong enough reason for you to seriously look at one, then maybe this will. For most of us, it's a common sight to deal with the normally unsightly air vents in our homes needed for vented dryers. We are all familiar with how troublesome, and messy, it is in cleaning and maintaining the air vents, and not to mention the occasional pest that just love the warm and fuzzy vents as their abodes. We probably have heard of how a lot of air vents become fire hazard due to accumulation of lints. For new homes, it also means the mess of planning position of dryers and air ventilation, without it will mean having a sauna experience every time you do your drying.

Condenser dryers free you of ALL those woes. No need for air vents. No more mess. You can fit a condenser dryer into any house or apartment, new or old, regardless of size, as a condenser dryer can easily fit into any house. And they also come in compact size. So head on, equip your homes with one of the various condenser dryers.