CANDY Genuine Tumble Dryer Hood Gasket Door Seal Rubber

Price: £20.29

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Compatible Brand :

For Candy

Compatible Model :

a:20:{i:0;s:15:"EVOC 1379NXB-47";i:1;s:14:"EVOC 1379XB-47";i:2;s:11:"EVOC 570B-S";i:3;s:12:"EVOC 570NB-S";i:4;s:11:"EVOC 580B-S";i:5;s:12:"EVOC 580NB-S";i:6;s:11:"EVOC 581B-S";i:7;s:12:"EVOC 581NB-S";i:8;s:13:"EVOC 5913B-47";i:9;s:15:"EVOC 5913NBX-47";i:10;s:14:"EVOC 591NBT-47";i:11;s:14:"EVOC 770NBT-84";i:12;s:13:"EVOC 780NBT-S";i:13;s:12:"EVOC 781NB-S";i:14;s:14:"EVOC 781NBT-47";i:15;s:13:"EVOC 781NBT-S";i:16;s:10:"EVOC 781XA";i:17;s:14:"EVOC 8813AB-47";i:18;s:13:"EVOC 970AT-01";i:19;s:13:"EVOC 980AT-47";}

Suitable For :

Tumble Dryer



Colour :


Type :

Door Seal

Model :

EVOC 1379NXB-47, EVOC 1379XB-47, EVOC 570B-S

Brand :


Material :



Does not apply

What the Seller Says

Genuine CANDY Tumble Dryer Door Seal Gasket Brand new, genuine original rubber door seal gasket for your Candy Tumble Dryer. Fits models: CANDY EVOC 1379NXB-47, EVOC 1379XB-47, EVOC 570B-S, EVOC 570NB-S, EVOC 580B-S, EVOC 580NB-S, EVOC 581B-S, EVOC 581NB-S, EVOC 5913B-47, EVOC 5913NBX-47, EVOC 591NBT-47, EVOC 770NBT-84, EVOC 780NBT-S, EVOC 781NB-S, EVOC 781NBT-47, EVOC 781NBT-S, EVOC 781XA, EVOC 8813AB-47, EVOC 970AT-01, EVOC 980AT-47, EVOC 980NA1T-47, EVOC 9813NA1X-47, EVOC 9813XA-47, EVOC 981A-S, EVOC 981AT-01, EVOC 981AT-S, EVOH 970NA1T-84, EVOH 9713NA1-01, EVOH 971NA2T-S, EVOH 9813NA1-S, EVOH 9813NA2-01, EVOH 9813NA2-S, EVOH 981NA1T-S, EVOV 570C-S, EVOV 580C-S, EVOV 580NC-S, GCC 51013NB-47, GCC 5101NB-80, GCC 560NB-S, GCC 570B-47, GCC 570NB-S, GCC 580B-47, GCC 580NB-47, GCC 580NB-80, GCC 580NB-S, GCC 580NBB-80, GCC 580NC-80, GCC 5813NB-80, GCC 581NB-80, GCC 581NB-S, GCC 590NB-80, GCC 590NB-S, GCC 591NB-80, GCC 591NBB-80, GCC 6912PPB-47, GCC 6912PPNB-47, GCC 770NBT-84, GCC 770NBT-S, GCC 780NBT-S, GCC 781NBT-S, GCC 7913NBB-47, GCC 7913NBS-47, GCH 970NA1T-84, GCH 970NA1T-S, GCH 970NA2T-S, GCH 980NA1T-47, GCH 9813NA1-S, GCH 981NA2T-S, GCH 990NA1T-47, GCS 91013A2-S, GCS 9101A2T-S, GCS 9913A1-S, GCS 991A1T-S, GCV 570NC-S, GCV 580C-ISR, GCV 580NC-47, GCV 580NC-S, GCV 581NC-80, GCV 590NC-80, GCV 590NC-S, GCV 591NC-80, GO 1275LS, GO DC 38G-37S, GO DC 38G/1-37S, GO DC 47F-47, GO DC 68G-47, GO DC 78GT-37S, GO DC 78GT-47, GO DC 78GT/1-37S, GO DC58GF-12, GO DC68G/1-47, GO DC78G-86S, GO DC78G/1-86S, GO DC78GT/1-47, GO DC79GT-01S, GO DV58GF-12, GOC 1379 XB, GOC 421 BT, GOC 560B-S, GOC 560C-47, GOC 560C-S, GOC 570 B, GOC 570B-S, GOC 570C-S, GOC 580B-47, GOC 580B-S, GOC 580C-80, GOC 580C-S, GOC 581B - UK, GOC 581B-S, GOC 58F-80N, GOC 58FB-80N, GOC 58FS-80N, GOC 590C-80, GOC 760BT-84, GOC 770BT-84, GOC 770BT-S, GOC 770C-47, GOC 780BT-S, GOC 780BTX-47, GOC 781B-S, GOC 781BT-84, GOC 781BT-S, GOC 79132XB, GOC 7913C-12, GOC 7913XB, GOC 791BT-S, GOC 791BTX-47, GOC 807 BT, GOC 870B-47, GOC 907 BT, GOC 970AT-84, GOC 970AT-S, GOV 570C-S, GOV 580C-47, GOV 580C-S, GOV 580NC-80, GOV 780C-S, GVC 71013NB-S, GVC 71013NBX-47, GVC 7810NB-47, GVC 7813NB-S, GVC 7813NBX-47, GVC 7913NB-S, GVC 7913NBX-47, GVC 791NB-OS, GVC D1013B-80, GVC D1013B-S, GVC D1013BX-47, GVC D101BBC-80, GVC D101BC-80, GVC D101WB-80, GVC D813B-47, GVC D913B-S, GVC D913BX-47, GVC D91CB-80, GVC D91CBB-80, GVC D91WB-80, GVH 9813NA1-S, GVH 9913NA1-S, GVH 9913NA1X-47, GVH 9913NA2-S, GVH 9913NA2X-47, GVH D1013A2-S, GVH D813A1-S, GVH D813A2-S, GVH D913A2-80, GVH D913A2-S, GVH D913A2BC-80, GVH D913A2C-80, GVH D913A2X-47, KME-XXL 8600 L, SLC D101BX-47, SLC D813B-S, SLC D81B-47, SLH D813A2-S Visit the Spares2Go eBay store to browse our huge range of spare parts and consumables. 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